Model 18650 lithium ion batteries have become very popular in recent years. They are still the most used with high-powered vaping devices, in addition to some types of flashlights and cameras. As their use has spread in more products, it has become more and more common to find them in different products on the market.
If you have been in this vaping for a long time, it is certain that you are already using them and that at some point you have to invest in a charger. As we have always defended, despite the fact that most mods allow charging the batteries in the device itself, it is not recommended since the charge of the batteries is usually uneven in addition to the electronics of the device suffer a lot with each recharge, being able to give the fret with it reducing its useful life. As you may have seen, there are different types of chargers with many differences between them, so it is sometimes difficult to know which one is the best for you for the type of batteries you have or the device with which you are using them. Here we are going to show you some determining factors when choosing a charger for 18650 batteries and try to discern which is the most appropriate for your batteries.

EBL charger

If you are looking for an inexpensive but reliable charger, a possible option is the EBL. The EBL is one of those smart chargers that work fast and stop charging once the batteries are charged. They can also charge a wide variety of batteries of different sizes. It is a great option if you are looking for something cheap and simple, although it does not have advanced features like other chargers that we are listing may have.

Miboxer charger

Many vapers attach great importance to everything related to batteries. For them, a great option is the Miboxer 18650 Battery Charger, especially if they are one of those who are constantly charging batteries. The charger comes with an LCD screen that shows the exact percentage of battery charge and can charge almost all types of batteries. If you are one of those who consume batteries all the time, this may be an ideal option for your batteries.

Nitecore charger

Nitecore is without a doubt one of the best known and most valued brands when it comes to 18650 battery chargers globally. Among its extensive catalog we can find models for all tastes, from those looking for a simple and inexpensive charger, to those with a more innovative design or those capable of charging up to 8 batteries at the same time. Within its range of chargers we are going to mention some for their remarkable performance.
We will start with the Nitecore F4. This charger has a really practical design that also has an LCD screen in which we can observe the progress of the charge of each hole individually. It can also be used as an external battery and among its features it also has the possibility to reactivate deep discharge batteries with a protection circuit.
The Nitecore i8 is a beast among chargers. With exceptional performance, it is capable of charging up to 8 batteries simultaneously and intelligently distributing the charge to charge each battery independently. Like the previous model, the F4, it can also function as an external battery and can charge different electronic devices. With its Active Current Distribution system, the Nitecore i8 can automatically detect the type and capacity of the battery to use the appropriate current. This charger has multiple security systems in addition to being compatible with a very large number of different battery models.
The Nitecore i4 has been one of the best performing chargers you can find for years, as well as having a fairly affordable price. It is capable of charging up to four batteries quickly and has LED lights to indicate the progress of the charge. Also, thanks to its versatility, it allows charging not only 18650 batteries but also a wide variety of batteries from other ranges.
Similar to the Nitecore i4 we can find the Golisi S4, a charger with four holes that has an LCD screen in addition to different security systems, an improved IMR battery detection system, and a charging output that can vary between 2.0A if we charge a single battery, and 0.5A if we charge 3 or 4 batteries at the same time.

XTAR charger

The XTAR VC4 is a charger that comes at a higher price, but it also has some subtle features that are not seen with the naked eye. In addition to the most obvious difference, its LCD screen, the charger has a soft start that avoids sending a very high current from the beginning, and that increases the charge in three different modes to increase the useful life of your batteries. Without a doubt a fantastic option.
As you can see, not all chargers are the same when choosing which is the most appropriate for your 18650 batteries. Possibly, the essential feature that should not be lacking in any charger of this type is the power cut when the battery is charged. . This became a staple when lithium ion batteries hit the mainstream market. By having this feature included, the risk of something happening is greatly lowered.
The higher amperage you have, the faster the batteries will charge. Most of these types of chargers usually have a nominal current of 0.5A or 1.0A, which is already a considerable speed. The higher it is, the better up to a point, as after going beyond that particular point you will see that the charger can overheat and that is not good for batteries either. However, the normal thing is that all the chargers of recognized brands in the market are reliable, that is why it is very important not to trust copies or clones as it happens with devices.
After these features, comes the convenience of charge indicators, in addition to being able to also have different charging modes that can help extend the life of the batteries. The latter, which does not seem so obvious, can slightly slow down the charge, but it is practical since it can achieve many more charges than other types of chargers for the same batteries.
The number of ports on the battery charger is a purely personal choice. Someone who charges their batteries more widely will surely need fewer ports than someone who constantly vapes in a high-powered mod or mechanical mod, for example. There are some models to charge, for example, a single battery, such as the Nitecore Ui1, a really cheap and simple charger, or the portable Nitecore LC10, with a design very different from everything you can usually see, and which is also very versatile, being able to charge most of the most common batteries and even being able to also use it as a charging bank for other devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc.
Although it is not necessary to say much about how to use a battery charger, it is worth giving some recommendations and warnings.
First, the chargers are directional, which seems obvious, so we need to make sure we place the batteries in the correct way. If we place them incorrectly, we run the risk of discharging or even burning, depending on the battery itself and the charger. Although it is not something you should worry about in the chargers that we have previously mentioned, it is something to keep in mind if you are going to buy a different one guided only by the price instead of the quality.
Another important thing is not to leave the charger unattended. Today they all come with a multitude of technological advancements and innovations when it comes to security, but things can still happen if one of the security systems fails or is not working properly.
Lithium batteries are not dangerous in themselves, but it must be taken into account that extreme care must be taken in everything that has to do with batteries and electronic devices, something to which we have already dedicated a post in the past, so it is convenient to treat things with due care and be cautious.
To summarize, if you use or are going to use lithium batteries regularly, it is a good idea not to skimp on the price and look above all for quality in battery chargers. Many of them, even though they may seem more expensive at first, can save you money in the long run, extending the life of the batteries and thus also taking care of your favorite vaping devices.
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