Are you thinking of buying an electronic cigarette, but you have no idea how to use it? Do you have a thousand doubts and many questions? You are in the right place to learn how to vape properly!

What it is and what it is made of

Understanding how e-cigarettes work is not difficult. You just need to know some basic information.

Electronic cigarettes are devices powered by lithium batteries that generate vapor. They were born to resemble traditional cigarettes, so as to replace them and limit the damage caused to the smoker’s health.

Over time, evolution has meant that they also become a design object. There are numerous e-cig models (this is the most used name for e-cigarettes), each with their own system to suit any vape method.

The electronic cigarette uses a cartridge of flavored liquidΒ which, in contact with the resistance of the atomizer (which heats up), becomes vapor. The liquid is made from a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and, optionally, nicotine (it is not essential and can vary in quantity).
If you want to know what are vape liquids made of read our article.

How vaping works

Here’s what happens when we smoke an electronic cigarette (so we “vape”):

  • You bring the device to your mouth and inhale
  • The battery activates and communicates with the vaporizer
  • The vaporizer, thanks to the heating element, heats the liquid in the cartridge
  • The vape can blow and a puff of steam comes out

How to prepare the electronic cigarette

Now that we have some notion about how it is composed and what really happens inside it, let’s see how the electronic cigarette is prepared to be able to smoke it (especially at its first use).

  1. Buy a kit

    For beginners, a ready-made kit (both rechargeable and single use) can be very convenient. An e-cigarette starter kit basically contains a battery, an atomizer and cartridges. Some brands may include an extra gadget in the kit, but the differences are not substantial.
    In addition to the kit, choose a liquid that is to your liking; there are many different tastes and you can really indulge yourself!

  2. Charge the battery

    The battery of an electronic cigarette is lithium and, usually, at the time of purchase, the batteries are already half charged, but before starting to vape, it is better to make a full charge. If you get into the habit of fully charging and discharging the battery, it will enjoy a longer life.
    The average use of a battery provides about 300 uses. If the battery has to be stored, try to always do it with a full charge. Storing them for a long time with a low charge greatly reduces their overall life.
    When the battery is fully charged, it must be disconnected from the power supply cable, if it is a battery integrated into the box, and screwed to the atomizer.
    There are removable batteries, commonly called “external”, which can be charged in a special charger. These, once charged, must be removed from the charger and placed inside the box, which connects them to the atomizer

  3. Load the cartridge

    Refills can be with or without nicotine, precisely because, as mentioned above, the amount of nicotine varies.After having established the preferred nicotine concentration, the liquids with which to fill the tank (the cartridge) are searched in that range, or you can use the ready-made cartridges. Then you screw them to the device.Now you can make your vape!

How to prepare the electronic cigarette

When to replace cartridges or refill the tank?

It is estimated that over a whole day a vape consumes the equivalent of a tank of liquid or a cartridge. However, the duration of the charge depends on several factors, such as the frequency of vaping or the type of atomizer.
The type of atomizer can determine more or less liquid consumption. Usually the atomizers are equipped with a transparent tank that allows you to see the residual quantity of the liquid. When you see that the liquid is about to run out, it must be refilled to avoid “going dry” and suck a shot that risks having the taste of burnt. Usually, the tank also indicates the maximum level of liquid to pour into the tank so as not to risk putting too much and drowning the resistance.
The flavor of the vape changes drastically when it’s time to refill the tank or change the cartridge. So don’t worry too much, it takes a few days to understand when it’s time to refill the liquid or change the cartridge of the electronic cigarette.

The moment of refilling can also be an opportunity to change the taste of the liquid. In this case it may happen that the first vape have a mixed flavor. This happens because inside the atomizer there are materials (cotton, wick or mesh) that absorb the liquid and bring it to the resistances, transforming it into steam. As long as the parts are soaked in the previous liquid, it will continue to be perceived.

Differences from a traditional hit of a cigarette

Those used to smoking an old-fashioned cigarette may have some small difficulties at first before being satisfied with the vape.
Keep in mind that smoking and vaping are two very different things, so the way you smoke them must change too.
The traditional cigarette is smoked with quick puffs, the e-cig, on the other hand, has a different concept. Aspiration must be done very slowly to completely fill the mouth and, only afterwards, can the steam be inhaled into the lungs.

The electronic cigarette is smoked for short periods: four, five vapes. You shouldn’t overdo it for several reasons: the hardware, every now and then, needs to cool down and the throat and tongue need a rest period. This is to not irritate the mouth and throat, otherwise you feel itching in the throat and taste buds. This is a common phenomenon for inexperienced vapers which is called the “tongue of the vape”. This problem is solved in a very short time, vaping in a reasonable way.

How to vape properly

  • you have to make a first “puff of preparation” (a rapid aspiration that does not form steam),
  • you have to suck slowly (and fill the mouth with steam),
  • hold the steam in your mouth for a few seconds (3 to 5 seconds),
  • take it out of the mouth or nose.

how to vape properly

Feeling satisfied with the electronic cigarette

With traditional cigarettes, the effects of nicotine are felt after a few seconds.
With the electronic cigarette you have to wait a little longer before this desire is satisfied.

With vaping, nicotine is absorbed not only from the nose and lungs, but also through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Therefore, those who switch to the electronic cigarette must have a little patience to feel contentment: after a few days you will be perfectly accustomed to this new way of smoking.

Many people need to feel the throbbing in their throat to be completely satisfied when they smoke very strong tobacco cigarettes. With the vape you can reach even stronger sensations, but you need to know how to do it.
You can use low nicotine concentrations and make vapes much slower and longer. This way, not only will the vapor be more intense, but by heating the head, the smoke will be much hotter. For this reason there are atomizers and big batteries that have the characteristic of generating more smoke and more heat in order to satisfy the hit (precisely the blow in the throat).

By adjusting the battery voltage and the amount of air in the atomizer, you can find the perfect configuration to feel satisfied.

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