The experienced vaper ends up orienting himself very often on dripping. Thanks to dripping, he can get a richer vape of sensations and a much denser and fuller vapor. But what is dripping vaping? Here are all the secrets!

How dripping is done

The dripping technique is increasingly widespread among vape lovers. Dripping is not one of the simplest practices; you need to be more experienced vapers – and, above all, have more time available – compared to the simple “traditional” vape we all know.

However, dripping can also be explained in a few words: below we will provide you with all the help you need to understand it better.

To understand what dripping is, you first need to know the dripper. Also known as RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, or “regenerable dripping atomizer”), the dripper is one of the peculiar types of electronic cigarette.

Rebuildable dripping atomizers are characterized by a drip tip (the mouthpiece from which you aspire) very close to the resistive wire, and by the absence of a tank, ie the classic tank that contains the chosen liquid. In its place, there is only a glass bell that contains the resistance.

To vape with the dripper, then, you cannot refill the tank once, but you need to pour a few drops of e-liquid on the resistance, the temperature of which will evaporate them like in any other e-cig. The name dripping, or β€œdripping”, derives from this.

The shape and technology of the dripper mean that its vapor chamber has very small dimensions: the liquid is vaporized right near the mouth. This results in a considerable concentration of the vapor in a very small space, as well as a vapor richer in nicotine.

Cloud chasing

Dripping can be, first of all, a form of cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing (literally, “go chasing clouds”) is the technique that allows you to “smoke” by creating clouds of vapor of considerable size. From this point of view, it is an activity with purely aesthetic functions.

Born in the United States in recent years, around 2015, cloud chasing has quickly spread globally. This practice attracts the vaporizer mainly for its strong scenographic effect: for some, it can be a fun game in a moment with friends, while for others it has even become a form of competition. Periodically, in fact, real cloud chasing competitions are held, in which the competitors test their skills by emitting clouds of steam up to two meters long, or modeled in spectacular shapes.

And dripping, precisely, is closely linked to cloud chasing: to produce “competition” clouds, dripping vaping is essential. The strong concentration of the vapor inside the small dripper bell gives the possibility to create clouds of a size incomparable to that produced by a classic atomizer.

What is dripping

We have understood how dripping works from the technical side, and we have seen the more “aesthetic” implication of cloud chasing. But we have not yet answered the fundamental question: what is dripping?

That is: why should a vaporizer try it?

Dripping, as we have already mentioned, is the practice of vaping with a dripper, or RDA.

In addition to allowing cloud chasing, the dripping trend has spread like wildfire everywhere because it gives vapers the opportunity to enjoy the flavor and scent of their e-liquid with greater intensity. In short, dripping is an essential method for those who want to make the most of vaping, for those who love the pleasure of a strong taste and the unmistakable aromatic yield of their favorite liquids.

The advantages of using a dripper, then, are many:

  • allows you to fully savor all the notes of the e-liquid, its aroma and its additives in highly concentrated puffs;
  • gives the possibility to have fun with the “smoke” of cloud chasing;
  • it requires an e-cig made of very few components (essentially, only drip tip, atomizer and batteries), which means that the maintenance required is scarce and very fast compared to other cigarettes with a tank, and requires fewer spare parts;
  • the absence of a tank, and the consequent fact of having to refill after a few puffs, conceals the great advantage of being able to change flavor very quickly, thus ensuring maximum control over your vape;
  • dripping has, finally, a great versatility: there are infinite varieties of RDA, able to satisfy every need of size, material of the drip tip, opening of the shot, ventilation and so on.

Nonetheless, not all that glitters is gold. In fact, the relative disadvantages of dripping should not be forgotten, which are essentially two:

  • not having a tank, the dripper must be reloaded every four or five shots, depending on the model;
  • the need for frequent refilling makes it necessary to always keep with you, in addition to the RDA itself, even a bottle of liquid.

Some simple consequences can be deduced from this list of pros and cons.

Dripping is not a practice for everyone: it is not suitable for those who are not very familiar with vaping and its mechanics, or for those who use their device quickly, more for the satisfaction of gestures than to enjoy rich concentrated aromas.

Furthermore, you can vape in dripping only in a space of relative comfort, which allows you to fill the RDA in peace and avoid damage, and savor all the taste that dripping gives off: it is better to do it, therefore, at home, or at a bar table. Leaving the house with e-cig and USB charger is one thing, but doing it with drippers, accessories and one or more spare bottles is another!

In short, the passionate vaporizer will benefit most from dripping, who requires a unique sensory experience from his e-cig and perhaps – why not – some beautiful scenic effects.

Vape dripping explained

What you need for dripping

Those who want to try dripping, then, will have to keep all the tools of the trade ready, so to speak.

Those looking for an atomizer for dripping are literally spoiled for choice, being able to opt for many varieties of products: those that require more experience or practical ones such as mechanical box mods, those with a longer lasting battery, those more susceptible to customization, those with a steel drip tip or in plastic materials or other substances, and so on.

The most classic dripping atomizer, as we have said, is of the RDA type, with all the pros and cons that it entails. Buying an RDA allows you to enjoy the most typical experience of dripping, with all the gestures and – if we want – the rituality that characterizes this way of vaping.

Those who prefer the cheek shot to lung shot can then try an RDA mtl (“mouth to lung”, to be precise). The experience is not the same as a classic RDA, but it is a good adaptation to the habit of the vaporizer who does not like to suck directly from the throat. The only lack of this type of atomizer is, of course, the reduced possibility of giving oneself to the most extreme cloud chasing.

If, moreover, the normal dripping refill just isn’t for you, know that there are even bf drippers (ie β€œbottom feeder”). Also in this case, it is a variation on the theme compared to the common RDA, which however does not distort the practice of dripping.

But the most convenient reworking of the RDA is undoubtedly the so-called RTA, “Rebuildable Atomizer Tank”, a variation on the theme of atomizers to be regenerated. The RTA is equipped with a tank to contain the liquid, which reaches the coils thanks to the cotton threads. This, like other hybrid systems, guarantees the best of dripping and standard vaping: the dripper retains almost all the main characters, but combines the advantage of the tank. Put simply, it is not necessary to reload the RTA every four or five puffs.

Finally, a step higher than the RTA is constituted by the RDTA, “Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer”. As the name suggests, compared to RTA this kind of atomizers has the unique characteristic of producing an automatic dripping of the e-liquid on the resistances, starting from a tank in which the liquid is contained. In short, the “ritual” of actual dripping is lost, but you gain incredible comfort, which makes the RDTA comparable to classic vaping from this point of view.


After this short guide, the vape can be considered ready to enter the world of dripping.

You can start with any model and any type of dripping atomizer. Just take a tour of our shop to find the quality regenerable atomizer tailored for you: from traditional RDAs to RTAs or RDTAs, passing through RDA bf and RDA mtl.

With experience, then, you will begin to get to know the various complete vape kits, tools and accessories for regeneration, adapters and so on without too many problems – as well as the style of vape that suits you best.

The important thing is to understand how to begin to immerse yourself in this peculiar side of the vape, made up of a more calm, relaxed and full of sensations experience.

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