Psychological support to quit smoking

The psychology-based method of quitting smoking does not just invite you to consult a professional psychologist, anti-smoking centers or self-help groups (methods that are still valid if you have already tried several times and have never succeeded to really quit) but also to a process of choice that starts first of all from the personal will to quit smoking.
The first step is to clarify the reasons why you want to quit smoking: illness, economy, family members and close children… making a list and keeping it always in sight will help you remember every day which is the most important push. On the contrary, every visual reference to smoking must be hidden: throw cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays in every room of the house, the workplace and even in the car and in the bags. get stronger.
It is also very important to ask for the support of family and friends: simply communicate your intention to quit smoking and ask for help when you are about to fall back into the habit. If you have already found small actions that make the desire pass (such as drinking a sip of water or taking a walk), inform others and ask them to remind you at the appropriate time.
Finally, rewarding yourself for small successes works: a good tip is to mark on your calendar the day you decided to stop smoking. It takes a few days in advance to prepare well, but, above all, it serves to understand how many steps you have taken. Exceed the first 24 hours? Past the first week or the first month? Giving yourself a small prize (just with the money you have saved) will be a great incentive to continue.

Quit smoking

Methods for quitting smoking

Today more and more smokers to safeguard their health are trying to quit smoking. The methods available are many: acupuncture and low voltage electromagnetic pulses, hypnosis, books, coaching and natural supplements are the most curious, but they are supported by much more efficient and lasting systems.

The world of smoking has changed a lot in recent years and vaping devices are in effect an excellent transit tool to start the difficult path that leads to quitting smoking. many people choose the electronic cigarette to replace the traditional cigarette, thanks to the ability to control, modulate and reduce the amount of nicotine in the blood.
The absence of combustion present in traditional cigarettes, which is the cause of lung diseases, is also very important. A point in favor, then, of electronic cigarettes, is also the possibility of maintaining the typical gestures of the smoker, which, many recognize, is one of the major vices to overcome.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices capable of heating a liquid, often containing nicotine in various concentrations (from 0 mg / L up to more than 20 mg / L) or other aromas, until it is vaporized. The liquid, also known as “e-liquid” or “juice”, also contains propylene glycol and glycerol and is stored in disposable or refillable cartridges depending on the type of electronic cigarette. There are, in fact, various types and generations of electronic cigarettes, characterized by different designs and operating mechanisms (only some, for example, allow you to modulate the intensity of inhalation). Originally, electronic cigarettes were designed precisely as a useful tool to help people quit smoking, as it was thought that the presence of nicotine in the liquid could favor a gradual move away from traditional cigarettes, as is the case for other aids used in this sense such as nicotine patches and chewing gums.

Start vaping to quit smoking?

We must not make the mistake of believing that electronic cigarettes are the panacea for all ills, but on the other hand it would not be correct to demolish their reputation. As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between. The electronic cigarettes can be used when and how you want, provided that you are informed about what you are vaping and, therefore, you are aware of the products that deserve to be chosen. It makes no sense to transform electronic cigarettes into electronic gadgets bought for fashion and then left in a drawer after a few days because they are not used. Certainly, at this moment electronic cigarettes are the most effective of the methods that can be used to quit smoking: it is better than both acupuncture and the nicotine patch.

quit smoking start vaping


Quitting smoking is a difficult process that requires time and support. Equally it is known that the benefits, however, are many not only for one’s own body, but also for that of those who live next door. The first health benefits are seen after two weeks, with better breathing, energy and blood pressure. In the long run, the economic benefit has an impact: in a year after quitting smoking, it also saves a lot of money.
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