Vaping technology advances at a rapid and continuous pace, always introducing new equipment and equipment.


If you are entering the world of dripping for the first time, you are almost certainly looking for an excellent aromatic yield and large clouds.
As a first dripper choice, buying an expensive one is not always the best choice. Take your time to experiment first!

Maybe try it with a friend or in a physical store: Vaping in Dripping is fun, even if you have to be patient, do a lot of practice before finding a good set-up, but above all, do you want to indulge in a healthy and creative experimentation?

Today the vaping community tends to use technical terms that identify vaping equipment and hardware components using acronyms that are incomprehensible to newbies.

Getting to know them is an important step and often helps to better understand all the conversations and advice about them.

What do RDA, RBA, RTA and RDTA mean?

  • RDA = Regenerable Dripping Atomizer

RDA atomizer for drip

Basically, the RDA (or dripper) is nothing more than an atomizer without a tank, that is, without the tank that should contain the liquid.

The most experienced vapers use it by putting a few drops of e-liquid directly on the resistance or resistances they regenerate, and the taste you get is really exaggerated.

Why? The reason lies in the fact that the dripper’s vapor chamber is very narrow and the mouth is very close to the resistance that vaporizes the liquid.

The advantage of using the RDA is to savor the steam in all its fullness that will be returned to you in a dense big cloud; on the other hand it is quite uncomfortable in mobility, in fact by loading the dripper with a few drops of eliquid you will have an autonomy for 4/5 shots at most; and then you will have to recharge it so as not to go dry.

RBA = Re-Builtable Atomizer

RBA atomizer

The RBA is a device very similar to the RDA, but the difference is that of having the Tank, which is a tank for containing the liquid. This hardware offers the best of both worlds, standard Dripping and Vaping, because it maintains “almost all” the characteristics of a Dripper but with the advantage of a tank mounted on top that ensures the continuity of Vaping, without the need for continuous refills.

RTA = Rebuildable Atomizer Tank

RTA atomizer

RTA and an RBA have exactly the same meaning: the two terms are therefore interchangeable.

RDTA = Rebuiltable Dripping Tank Atomizer

RDTA atomizer

More commonly called automatic dripper, RDTA offers a unique capability of self-dripping liquid onto the coils.

Normally the RDTA loads its coils through a pressure system located on the drip Tip which draws the liquid from the tank and drips it directly above the resistances, or with the manual pressure system directly on the plastic tank integrated in the Box.

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