Vegetable glycerin: where is it found and what are its properties?

What is vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a liquid, also known by the name glycerol, which is characterized by having remarkable moisturizing and humectant properties, which are fundamental in the world of vaping to guarantee the quality of e-liquids.

It can be extracted from different products: in some cases it is a derivative of the soap manufacturing process, in others it has a natural origin and is obtained from vegetable oils (for example, coconut oil, soybean oil or l ‘Palm oil). It has a viscous and dense appearance, it is odorless and transparent.

This organic product is present in glycolipids, phospholipids and lipid substances in general. Consequently, it originates during the metabolic process of fatty acids and occurs naturally in both human and animal bodies. It can have beneficial effects on the health of the body and hair because it is an antioxidant, moisturizing and emollient substance. Precisely for this reason it represents one of the most popular ingredients in the cosmetic sector.

What is vegetable glycerin used for

The compound can have a wide range of intended uses. The areas where it is most used are:

  • the e-cig sector, as a fundamental component in liquids;
  • the food sector, especially for the preparation of confectionery products and cakes;
  • for personal care and cosmetic products, especially for hair and skin, such as conditioners, essential oils, butters and pre-shampoo packs;
  • for some pharmaceutical and herbal items;
  • for household cleaners;
  • for chapped skin creams. It is even found in baby products of this category as it is a completely natural and healthy substance, which does not have a side effect on the well-being of the body;
  • to enrich drinks and energy drinks.

Function of vegetable glycerin in the electronic cigarette

In liquids for electronic cigarettes, a base of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol with a 50:50 ratio is used because it is the most popular format on the market.

Some lines already contain nicotine or aromas, while in other cases the vapers decide to add these accessory elements later to have a taste that better meets their needs. However, depending on your experience in preparing e-cigarette liquids and the flavor you want to achieve, you can change the composition and shape of the liquid itself.

For example, it is possible to increase the levels of vegetable glycerin contained within the e-liquid to improve the throat response and the vaping experience. Furthermore, this trivalent alcohol which can be decomposed at 290 Β° C allows for more consistent and dense vapor clouds. Precisely for this reason it is a much appreciated curiosity. However, care must be taken in preparing the formula because the characteristics of the vegetable glycerin can change the nature of the e-liquid if added excessively, making it too thick and viscous.

Very often aromas must also be added to prevent the taste of the fluid from being sweet and unpleasant on the palate. Alternatively, it is possible to decreasethe percentage of vegetable glycerin present in the liquid for the electronic cigarette in favor of propylene glycol. In this way, the use of the atomizer does not cause dry mouth and the product is lighter. However, this approach is chosen by the most experienced vapers or by those who do not find the ideal product in the market availability. In fact, it is quite difficult to keep the proportions of each component under control by adding drops of each ingredient.

A fluid for electronic cigarettes with a high content of vegetable glycerin is perfectly capable of responding to the needs of cloud chasing, the purpose of which is not only to have a complete sensory experience of smoking, but also to produce denser vapor. In fact, this vape technique consists in inhaling and emitting large quantities of water vapor following the principle that regulates the lung-type shot. Precisely for this reason, real vaping competitions can be held.

To have an intense vaping experience in this area, we recommend pre-mixed liquids that contain up to 70% of vegetable glycerin. On the market there are packages of this kind made available by different brands, which can be neutral or flavored. Choosing quality items from reliable brands is safer than making e-cigarette fluids at home. In fact, in this way you are sure that the percentages of the ingredients are as described and you can avoid unpleasant situations, especially if you are novice to vaping.

Where is vegetable glycerin found

Research has shown that liquid vegetable glycerin can have a wide range of uses. Precisely for this reason it is easily available. The bottles are generally found for sale on specialized e-commerce sites because it is one of the fundamental ingredients for e-cigarette fluids. The most popular formats are 100 and 250 ml, however on the market consumers can also find bottles with a larger capacity. In any case, the prices are very affordable.

The average purity of this pharmacopoeial substance is 99.5-99.9%, although there are 100% pure solutions. This way vapers can make e-liquids themselves and get a tailor-made formulation of their needs. Secondly, it is good to keep in mind that the degree of purity also affects, albeit in a less evident and perceptible way, on the characteristics of the vapor that comes out of the atomizer and therefore is an element considered in the vape environment. In fact, the clouds can be more or less spectacular and consistent.

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