Hey there, vapemallow Squad! Today, we’re stoked to share some exciting news with you all! ZOVOO, a top-notch disposable e-cigarette brand, has recently bagged the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Award for its sleek and innovative DRAGBAR Z700 GT. This ultra-thin disposable e-cig is all about exceptional design and functionality that ensures a super smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

The Red Dot Award, hosted by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany, is a highly acclaimed design competition. It acknowledges remarkable products across various categories like Industrial Design, Communication Design, and Product Design, with a focus on innovation, functionality, and visual appeal. With over 18,000 entries from 70 countries this year, ZOVOO’s win is no small feat!



Now let’s talk about the DRAGBAR Z700 GT. It sports a chic and contemporary design and, at only 9mm thick, is one of the market’s slimmest vapes. This lightweight disposable vape is perfect for our on-the-go squad members. It’s compact, easy to carry, and offers up to 700 puffs with a 2ml e-liquid capacity, making for a longer-lasting vaping adventure. What’s more, it comes pre-loaded with a diverse range of flavors to match every vaper’s preferences.

DRAGBAR Z700 GT isn’t just a pretty face

This super slim vape also packs a punch technologically. It’s among the few e-cigarettes that employ the exclusive GENE TREE ceramic coil technology, ensuring a consistent flavor, voluminous clouds, and efficient nicotine delivery. Plus, it generates zero harmful dust, guaranteeing a clean vaping experience.

And the cherry on top? The DRAGBAR Z700 GT complies with TRPR & TPD regulations.

For those who crave an upgrade, ZOVOO also rolled out the DRAGBAR Z700 SE. This version builds on the earlier design by incorporating a transparent oil tank, allowing vapers to easily monitor their e-liquid levels. This upgraded model was an instant hit, selling a whopping 2 million pieces in its first week alone!

A ZOVOO spokesperson expressed their excitement, saying, “The Red Dot Award for our DRAGBAR Z700 GT Ultra-Thin Disposable e-cigarette is a testament to our team’s commitment to creating innovative and high-quality vaping products that cater to our customers’ needs.”

If you’re curious about the award-winning DRAGBAR Z700 GT Ultra-Thin Disposable Vape and other ZOVOO products, head over to their website at izovoo.com. Keep it locked right here, vapemallow Squad, for more updates on all things vape!


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