Hey vapemallow Squad! Remember when vaping first emerged, and coils were just simple, thin strands of metal? Well, the vaping world has come a long way since then, with vapers continuously seeking innovative ways to boost their experience with bigger clouds and richer flavors.

And so, the legendary Clapton coil was born. The term “Clapton” is often used to describe a variety of coils made of one or more strands wrapped in a thinner gauge wire. These coils can be crafted from various vape wire types and gauges, such as Kanthal, stainless steel, or nichrome.

It’s important to note that multi-strand coils like Claptons are mostly used for rebuildables, particularly since mesh coils have dominated the sub-ohm tank market. Some well-known examples include fused Claptons, Aliens, and staple coils. The original Clapton was among the first coils that required an electric drill, setting the stage for many exotic coil builds that followed. In this guide, we’ll dive into what a Clapton coil is and explore some of its most popular variations for our vapemallow Squad.

What is a Clapton coil?



Introducing the Clapton coil: a unique design that features a thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. These coils have a slower ramp-up time compared to round wire builds, but they make up for it with their enhanced flavor due to the increased surface area and texture.

Originally, Clapton coils were mostly used for sub ohm and direct-lung vaping. However, these days, they’re gaining popularity among mouth-to-lung vapers too. All you need is to use thinner wire and a smaller internal diameter.

The idea of a Clapton coil was first conceived by ECF veteran mrdee3, who got inspired while watching his friend play the guitar. He created the coil by winding a 32-gauge strand around a 24-gauge core using an electric drill. The resulting design resembles a guitar string, and its name pays tribute to the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton.

Some key points for the VapeMallow Squad to know about Clapton coils:

  • They come in a wide range of resistances, from sub ohm to above one ohm
  • Claptons are versatile, fitting most build decks on rebuildables (RDAs and RTAs)
  • Available in power mode (mainly Kanthal, SS, or nichrome) or temperature control wire types (mainly SS)
  • Generally, Claptons have lower ramp-up times than single-strand wires of the same resistance, but this can vary
  • DIYing Clapton coils can be moderately difficult, but with practice and the right tools, you’ll get the hang of it

What is a fused Clapton coil?



A Fused Clapton coil is like the upgraded sibling of the standard Clapton coil, featuring a thinner gauge wire wrapped around not just one but two or more thicker gauge cores. Why does this matter to our VapeMallow Squad? Well, these multiple cores give Fused Claptons a faster ramp-up time and, arguably, an even better flavor than their non-fused counterparts, all thanks to the increased surface area.

When we talk about “fused,” we’re referring to the process of wrapping multiple wires together with a thinner outer wire. In a nutshell, a Fused Clapton is like a parallel build that’s been “Claptonized.” You’ll find that most multi-strand coils, like Aliens, are fused together in a similar way. Shoutout to Squidoode, the brilliant builder who came up with this concept, and to Twisted Messes and other popular builders who helped spread the word!

What makes Fused Claptons a favorite choice for both MTL and DL vaping among the VapeMallow Squad?

  1. They come in a variety of resistances to suit your preferences.
  2. Fused Claptons can fit most modern build decks with their available diameters and resistances.
  3. They’re made up of a thin wire wrapped around two or more thicker parallel cores.
  4. These coils typically have a faster ramp-up time than standard Claptons with the same resistance.

Now, we’ll admit that Fused Claptons are a bit trickier to make than your regular Clapton coil. But hey, VapeMallow Squad, once you’ve mastered the Clapton, leveling up to a Fused Clapton won’t be too tough.

What is a staggered fused Clapton?



Taking things up a notch, a Staggered Fused Clapton coil features a thinner gauge wire wrapped around a dual-Clapton core. What sets it apart is the Claptonized cores and staggered outer wrap, which together create extra texture and surface area. While it may have a slower ramp-up time, the Staggered Fused Clapton definitely has an edge in terms of flavor compared to the standard Fused Clapton.

So, what’s the secret behind the “staggered” effect? It’s all about making a Clapton with two thin parallel strands, then removing one of them to create a Clapton with evenly spaced outer wraps. After that, the Clapton is cut in half and fused together with a thinner wire. A huge shoutout goes to Squidoode for inventing this amazing coil!

Why should our VapeMallow Squad consider Staggered Fused Claptons for an intense direct lung vaping experience?

  1. They come in low resistances specifically designed for direct lung vaping.
  2. Staggered Fused Claptons are thick, requiring very large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
  3. They’re made with a thin wire wrapped around two parallel Clapton cores and have evenly spaced outer wraps.
  4. These coils have a slower ramp-up time than Fused Claptons with the same resistance.

Bear in mind that Staggered Fused Claptons are a bit more challenging to make than Fused Claptons. But hey, VapeMallow Squad, once you’ve got the hang of the Clapton and the Fused Clapton, this next-level coil should be a breeze.

What is an Alien / Alien Clapton?



Let’s talk about Alien Clapton coils, often simply called Aliens. These coils feature a de-cored Clapton wrapped around a multi-strand core, making them somewhat similar to Fused Claptons. The key difference lies in the unique textured outer wrap of Alien coils, which leads to a slower ramp-up time due to their larger surface area.

How do you achieve that cool textured outer wrap? Start by building a regular Clapton, then carefully remove the inner core. After that, wrap it around a multi-strand core containing the same gauge as the original core that was removed. Props to Blueeyedgoon83, the first builder who nailed this technique!

Here’s why our VapeMallow Squad should consider Alien Claptons for an out-of-this-world sub-ohm vaping experience:

  1. Alien Claptons come in low resistances, perfect for sub-ohm vaping.
  2. These coils are typically thick and require a deck with large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
  3. Alien Claptons are made with a de-cored Clapton wrapped around three or more parallel cores.
  4. They have a slower ramp-up time compared to Fused Claptons with the same resistance.

What is a staple coil?



These coils feature a thinner gauge strand wrapped tightly around a stack of typically 8-10 flat ribbon wires. Thanks to the stacked ribbon cores, Staple Coils have a quicker ramp-up time. Plus, the tiny grooves between the wraps trap e-juice, contributing to an enhanced flavor experience.

Originally created for aesthetic purposes, the aim was to make a square-shaped coil. The thin round strand Claptoned around a thick flat core gives Staple Coils their unique ribbed texture. Resembling a row of staples, they were aptly named “Staple Coils” by their inventor, Squidoode.

Here’s what makes Staple Coils a great choice for the VapeMallow Squad seeking a flavor-packed direct lung vaping experience:

  1. Staple Coils come in low resistances, ideal for direct lung vaping.
  2. These coils are thick and require a deck with very large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
  3. Staple Coils are made with a thin outer strand wrapped around typically 8-10 stacked ribbon cores.
  4. They have a quicker ramp-up time compared to Fused Claptons with the same resistance.

What is a framed staple coil?



A fantastic hybrid between the Staple Coil and the Fused Clapton. These coils consist of stacked ribbon wire framed by round wire and fused together, or “Claptonized,” with thinner round wire. The unique construction creates spaces within the wire, offering better flavor and a decreased ramp-up time compared to standard Staple Coils.

Squidoode, the original inventor, introduced the concept of a stacked ribbon core framed between two round cores. This design adds texture and gaps inside the coil, making it easier to wrap. Many builders on Instagram have since popularized Framed Staple Coils.

Here are some essential points to consider if you’re looking to try Framed Staple Coils, VapeMallow Squad:

  1. Framed Staple Coils have a low resistance, making them perfect for direct lung vaping.
  2. These coils are quite thick, so you’ll need large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
  3. The coils feature a thin outer strand wrapped around a stack of ribbon wire, sandwiched between two round cores.
  4. Framed Staple Coils boast a quicker ramp-up time than regular Staple Coils of the same resistance.

What is a tiger coil?



These coils are a creative twist on the standard twisted coil, combining a single round strand with a single flat ribbon strand. The resulting coil has more pockets and grooves, generating more heat and denser vapor for an improved flavor experience compared to single-strand builds.

With their barbed wire-like appearance, Tiger Coils have an eye-catching aesthetic without requiring too much effort to make. Although they might not be as popular today, they’re still used in creating larger, more exotic coils. Leon Shin is credited with developing the original concept.

Here’s what you need to know about Tiger Coils, VapeMallow Squad:

  1. Tiger Coils have low resistance and are suitable for both direct lung and MTL vaping.
  2. These coils are slightly thicker than twisted coils but still fit into most standard build decks.
  3. They consist of two twisted wires: a single round strand and a flat ribbon strand.
  4. Tiger Coils typically have a slower ramp-up than single-strand coils but a quicker ramp-up than regular twisted coils, thanks to the ribbon.
  5. Once you’re skilled at making regular twisted coils, creating Tiger Coils is a breeze!

What is a hive coil?



Although not technically a Clapton coil, Hive Coils serve a similar purpose and are much easier to create. You don’t even need a drill! By utilizing the concept of a twisted coil, Hive Coils boast an increased surface area, offering an advantage over plain round wire in terms of flavor. However, they may occasionally cause spitback.

Although considered outdated these days, Hive Coils remain an effective and easy exotic coil option. The Hive Coil evolved from the original twisted coil, made popular by Twisted Messes.

Here’s the buzz on Hive Coils, VapeMallow Crew:

  1. Hive Coils have low resistance and are typically used for direct lung vaping but can also be used for MTL.
  2. These coils are thicker than regular round wire but still suitable for most build decks.
  3. They consist of two twisted wires that have been twisted together, for a total of four strands.
  4. Hive Coils ramp up quicker than bigger exotic coils but slower than round wire.
  5. Once you have mastered the twisted build, Hive Coils are easy to create, especially with a drill.In Conclusion: Exploring the World of Coils for an Unparalleled Vaping Experience

    As we’ve delved into the fascinating world of coils, it’s evident that the vaping community is brimming with creativity and innovation. From the simplest round wire builds to the intricate and artful Clapton coils, each coil type offers a unique experience tailored to individual preferences and vaping styles.

    Understanding the various coil options available empowers vapers to customize their devices, enhancing flavor, vapor production, and overall satisfaction. By experimenting with different coils, vapers can fine-tune their setups to achieve the perfect balance of performance and ease of use.

    In the ever-evolving landscape of vaping, coil builders continue to push the boundaries, creating new and exciting coil designs that cater to an increasingly diverse range of vapers. As we embrace this innovation, we encourage vapers to explore these various coil types and discover the ideal vaping experience for themselves.

    So, as you journey through the world of coils, remember that the perfect coil is subjective, and the true joy lies in the process of exploration and experimentation. Happy vaping!


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