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Today I will tell you something about a cool atomizer by OFRF, the Gear RTA.

Gear RTA Specifications

  • Width of the product: 24mm
  • Length: 24.75mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Product components: stainless steel, gold, delrin, pyrex, 304 stainless steel
  • Number of component parts without screws and washers: 6
  • Number of threads: 3
  • Quality of the threads: very good
  • Number of O-rings, not including drip tip: 4
  • Quality of the O-rings present: good
  • O-Ring positions: drip connection, top cap – tank, bottom cap – tank
  • Capacity: 3.5mm
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of the manufacture of this product in regards to its price? Yes

Price: 24.95$

Gear RTA functional features

  • Connection type: 510
  • Is there an air flow regulation? Yes and variable
  • Maximum diameter in mm of the air regulation possible: 9.1
  • Minimum diameter in mm of the air regulation possible: 0.1
  • Air regulation positioning: Positioning of the adjustable air regulation effectively
  • Spray chamber type: bell type
  • Heat dissipation of the product: excellent
The main production material is SS 304 stainless steel. The supplied glass tanks are 2ml for the cylinder and 3.5ml for the bubble respectively.

Two vents are located at the bottom of the base, each of which offers the possible 10 X 1.5mm opening.

The 510 connection is adjustable gold and plated, which does not improve the conductivity value but prevents oxidation of the contacts, is a good initiative that is spreading as to positive resistances or mounting positions.
The fixed part of the top cap features two 3.6mm wide fill ports on a good length arch.
The atomizer includes six main parts, excluding flexible and resistance of the clamping screw.

Gear RTA design

All in all, Gear RTA looks very impressive and compact in design, however force of habit always makes me wash new atomizers in light soapy water before use to remove any contaminants from production that I am unable to see.

OFRF - Gear RTA review


After washing and drying all the parts, I set about building and I honestly can’t believe how simple it is. I used one of my pre-opened 0.4ohm melted Claptons and the cotton supplied by OFRF. Cutting the coil legs is easy to do once the coil is positioned where you want it (ideally centrally above the air hole). Dry burning, this made me smile as I could tell it will be good for flavor and clouds once the fire is lit. I installed the cotton very easily, you don’t have to save with the cotton as the breathability holes are a good size to comfortably hold a lot of cotton, without packing it too much.
At first I found the chimney assembly a bit tricky. By pushing the glass over the gasket on the chimney section first (so that it stays), you can then screw the base (build platform) on later.

First impression

Using a 70/30 VG / PG e-juice, I filled the tank. I screwed the top back on and opened the airflow. The ejuice remained in the tank instead of pouring the vent. I attached the supplied frosted drip tip, took a dry hit or two and then started vaping.
The overall vape experience on OFRF Gear RTA is indeed a very satisfying experience. For me, the airflow isn’t as big as I normally like, however it didn’t bother me too much and I found it a very pleasant experience.

The drip tip puts you right above the coils, so the clouds and flavor are maximized in this small and compact gear RTA. I leave the airflow wide open as it suits me, however if I were to turn it off I’m sure MTL vapers have a nice experience too.
For me this is comparable to the Moonshot, but a simplified version in terms of construction and breathability.



To conclude, the Gear RTA is an ideal material for everyone, men, women, experts or beginners, it is not complicated to use. It allows for a tight vape if needed and rivals good aerial drippers, both on taste quality and vapor production. Think about equipping yourself with some spare tanks, especially if like me, you have a propensity to destroy them on any occasion.





The Gear RTA is simple to use and is designed as a single coil build deck for builds. Designed for easy of use the Gear RTA deck is equipped with easy screws for fast coil changes.

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