Crusher Eliquid Strawberry Kiwi Ice
Crusher Eliquid Strawberry Kiwi Ice

Crusher E Liquid – Strawberry Kiwi Ice Review

Hello to all the vapemallow. squad,
Today I want to try another product of the Crusher eLiquid, the Strawberry Kiwi Ice one!

But before trying this juice, let’s talk about Crusher eLiquid:

everything about Crusher’s bright, vibrant and party-invoking packaging screams long days on the sun lounger sipping cocktails and nodding to a beat provided by a poolside DJ. Tailored with sun and frolics in mind, Crusher’s bold and fun juices inject a cool edge to your all-day vape.

Crusher’s best-sellers all aim to inspire a crushed-ice sensation, with the hugely popular Peach & Apricot Ice blend squeezing every millilitre of flavour into exotic clouds of smooth tokes refreshing and delicious. Their tropical Mango offering takes one-fruit simplicity and injects it with its fair share of sophisticated nuance, while Blackcurrant Ice, the epitome of the all-day vape sensation, feels as if a juice carton has been pulped with light minty notes for your vaping pleasure. With such simple and revitalising vapes on offer, these are ideal for those looking for a cool summer.

Crusher Eliquid Strawberry Kiwi Ice review

Our opinions

The smell of strawberry is felt while slightly kiwi is a secondary note.
Inhaling it mainly I felt the strawberry sweetness but not so much the flavor. Kiwi is most present during exhalation. One thing I really appreciated is that this eliquid becomes even sweeter when exhaling than it was when inhaling.
A very fresh mix of the two remains in your mouth, ice is felt throughout the vape.
A flaw of this liquid is that I wanted to perceive stronger flavors but it remains a really good liquid that I would vape every day


As always, the choice of liquid with ice inside is excellent during these last summer days. Probably the lovers of fruity liquids will be a little disappointed as regards the intensity of the flavors but it is undeniable anyway that this is an excellent liquid, Crusher eliquid is confirmed as a great manufacturer!


Crusher E Liquid - Strawberry Kiwi Ice


An excellent fruity mix that will refresh you during these very hot days thanks to the presence of ice! Crusher eliquid is confirmed as a great manufacturer!

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