Crusher E Liquid – Peach Apricot Ice Review

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Today I want to try a product of the Crusher eLiquid, a mix of my two favorite fruits, apricot and peach, I’m very curious to know if they managed to mix them well in this liquid!

But before trying this juice, let’s talk about Crusher eLiquid:

everything about Crusher’s bright, vibrant and party-invoking packaging screams long days on the sun lounger sipping cocktails and nodding to a beat provided by a poolside DJ. Tailored with sun and frolics in mind, Crusher’s bold and fun juices inject a cool edge to your all-day vape.

Crusher’s best-sellers all aim to inspire a crushed-ice sensation, with the hugely popular Peach & Apricot Ice blend squeezing every millilitre of flavour into exotic clouds of smooth tokes refreshing and delicious. Their tropical Mango offering takes one-fruit simplicity and injects it with its fair share of sophisticated nuance, while Blackcurrant Ice, the epitome of the all-day vape sensation, feels as if a juice carton has been pulped with light minty notes for your vaping pleasure. With such simple and revitalising vapes on offer, these are ideal for those looking for a cool summer.

Crusher Eliquid Peach Apricot Ice review

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Smelling the liquid you can feel the prevailing smell of peach, while the smell of apricot is secondary however they are distinguishable odors.

While vaping I would have expected to receive the same feeling that is to hear mainly the taste of peach, but it was not so. Vaping I felt a mix of the two fruits, even if the peach flavor is predominant throughout the vape. To describe the sensation I had while vaping this liquid I could say that it seemed to me to eat a peach and an apricot at the same time.

The ice is also felt throughout the vape, it gives a touch of freshness that I really appreciated in this liquid. The taste of peach remained on my lips. The taste of apricot is much milder, I have never perceived individually.


Perfect liquid for this period, fresh at the right point, to vape on the beach with the sound of the waves in the background. The flavor of peach blends with that of apricot, creating a mix that will leave your mouth fresh throughout the day. As always Crusher eLiquid has managed to create a quality product to vape throughout the day.


Crusher E Liquid - Peach Apricot Ice


With this liquid Crusher eLiquid managed to create a really tasty mix between peach and apricot, which can be vape all day thanks to the refreshing touch of ice.

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