Juice Head – Strawberry Kiwi Review

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Today I bring you the review of the fourth Juice Head liquid, as always, therefore a fruity liquid, perfect for summer, the Strawberry Kiwi juice!

Before starting we thank Juice Head for giving us the chance to try its vape liquids, but let’s take a step back, what is Juice Head?

Juice Head is a vape juice brand that has many vape juices made from delightful fruity flavors that will bring in your mouth literally a just picked fruit.
I totally recommend this vape liquid company because all their products have high quality taste. Juice Head goal is to provide solid and clean flavors to their customers and they reach this achievement with every products, let’s have a look at those!

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The following products are from the same line of Strawberry KiwiΒ and you can find them on their online shop also in the “freeze” and salt nicotine version:

Juice Head Strawberry Kiwi review

Our opinions

Tasting it I felt a good mix of fresh kiwi and fresh strawberry.

Vaping it, during the inhalation I felt only the taste of the kiwi while during the exhalation I felt only the taste of the strawberry. Both flavors are extremely refreshing, however after a couple of puffs the flavor starts to get a little muted.


Of the juice head liquids I’ve tried, honestly this isn’t one of the best. The flavors of kiwi and strawberry are faithful and also very refreshing but I was disappointed by the fact that after a couple of vapes the flavor is muted. The only reason I would vape it all day is its freshness.

In the end, if you are interested in buying this liquid, I suggest you to buy this one from the producer site.


Juice-Head - Strawberry Kiwi


A fruity and refreshing juice, the flavor of the fruits is very faithful. A downside is that after a couple of vapes the flavor is muted.

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