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We are almost at the end of August but the days are still very hot, so today I decided to tell you about another very fresh liquid, Apple & Pear on Ice by Just Juice!

But before we start, let’s read the Just Juice philosophy together:

Real quality for real people
Far too much of the e-liquid market consists of poor quality e-liquid, bright colours and loud packaging often used to disguise the inferior product.
We are here to deliver truly superior e-liquids, made with the best ingredients on the market to ensure you vape a liquid that is packed full of luscious flavour which you’ll love all day long! Each of our flavours are put through months of rigorous testing to ensure they meet our very high standards, so you can purchase a liquid you know will tick all the boxes.

Just Juice Apple Pear Ice review

Our opinions

The smell is almost neutral, the apple is slightly smelled.

The first sensation I had while vaping was the freshness of the ice that filled my mouth, then I felt the delicate flavor of the apple, followed by a touch of pear flavor. The flavor of the pear is very light, it is difficult to feel.

After vaping, the flavor that remained in my mouth was a delicate apple flavor combined with immense freshness.


If you are looking for a really fresh juice, this is the right choice! It will keep you refreshed throughout the day. It is true that apple and pear are two delicate fruits, but I would have preferred to taste them a little more.


Just Juice - Apple Pear Ice


A very fresh liquid with the delicate notes of apple and pear, recommended for the summer.

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