Phat Phog – Mango Aroma Review

Hello to all the vapemallow. squad,
Today I want to talk about a really fresh juice by Phat Phog, the Mango Aroma!

Before starting we thank Phat Phog for giving us the chance to try its vape liquids, but let’s take a step back, what kind of products Phat Phog produce?

Phat Phog vaping liquids are a sweet collection of ejuices manufactured in Malaysia and aim to bring fruity vaping to a whole new level. The line is promising a taste-bud overload to all vapers. This fantastic ejuice line is based on delicious fruits from all over the planet and includes blends like; Phat Punk, Phat Melon, Phat Currant and much more!

This fantastic brand features a concentration ratio of 60% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 40% Mixed PG (Propylene Glycol) and high-quality food flavourings. A perfect blend for sub-ohm vaping!

Phatphog Mango Aroma review

Our opinions

In Mango Aroma juice, of course, the mango taste is so powerful, a really sweet mango taste followed by a slight hint of freshness thanks to a minty flavor on the exhale. This liquid cools, thanks to the ice component which is always pleasant!

Verdict on Mango Aroma

Some of you may find this liquid nauseating because the taste of mango is really strong, but those of you who love this fruits will love to vape this liquid at any time of day because it feels like eating a mango with every vape.
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Phat Phog – Mango Aroma


A fruity and refreshing juice, the mango flavor is really strong and the minty hint adds a refreshing touch to the flavor. Totally recommended for those who love fruity liquids.

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