VaporArt – Gran Cookie Review

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Today I tried Gran Cookie by VaporArt, a sweet and creamy juice and i want to tell you about it, but before let me talk about VaporArt:

VaporArt is a vape juice brand that has a wide range of e-liquids all made with high quality ingredients of pharmaceutical grade, with and without nicotine. I totally recommend this Italian vape juice company because since the beginning of its activities, VaporArt has paid great attention to the quality of raw materials, all of pharmaceutical grade with FU and EP certification. Their goal is to provide a product of unmatched quality and flavour, while maintaining the highest levels of the industry standards.

Today I tried Gran Cookie. If you are looking for a creamy and rich juice, you should definitely try this eliquid!

Vaporart Gran Cookie review

Our opinions

To be honest I’m not a creamy eliquid fan but this tastes really good. The butter has a direct and strong flavor, it gives a strong creaminess, it is sweet at the right point, the taste is that of an average faithful butter. The vanilla flavor is light, it is not too sweet, it is quite creamy, the taste is that of a classic vanilla. The biscuit flavor tends to recall a dry dough biscuit.

Verdict on Gran Cookie by VaporArt

This is of course an high quality juice, it has a creamy taste like no other dessert vapes. It’s an addicting vape, you could vape this all day long, be careful!
I totally recommend this product if you are a creamy vape fan but also if you are not, you should give it a shot!
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If you are interested in VaporArt products, check the their website. They have so many quality liquids.


VaporArt - Gran Cookie


During these summer days it is not the best choice! But I recommend this liquid to lovers of creamy and buttery flavors in order to expand their collection of winter liquids because the flavor of butter and biscuits is really faithful.

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