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It is hot, it is undeniable, whether you are in the office, at home or on vacation, you will inevitably suffer the summer heat and with your forehead dripping with sweat you will think, like an oasis in the desert, how nice it would be to take a dip in pool.
Pool party does not take you to the pool, it does better: with its wild berry aroma and the incredible sensation of freshness that envelops you with each exhalation, you will feel like you are constantly and comfortably soaking in ice water.

But before let me talk about Vaporart:

Vaporart is a vape juice brand that has a wide range of e-liquids all made with high quality ingredients of pharmaceutical grade, with and without nicotine. I totally recommend this Italian vape juice company because since the beginning of its activities, Vaporart has paid great attention to the quality of raw materials, all of pharmaceutical grade with FU and EP certification.
Their goal is to provide a product of unmatched quality and flavour, while maintaining the highest levels of the industry standards.

Vaporart Pool Party review

Our opinion

The aroma is delicate, discreet and soft but at the same time solid, sufficiently robust and dry.
Upon inhalation, you will feel a slight fruity touch, a gentle sweet flavor that, exhaling, will turn into the stronger flavor of blueberries.
In the mouth there will then remain a very pleasant sugary aftertaste while the vapor will surround you with a subtle icy wind, protecting you from high temperatures.


Certainly for those who love e-liquids with a penetrating aroma, it is not recommended; it is in fact a product designed for the summer, to allow those who can hardly tolerate the heat to fully enjoy the vape experience.
It is therefore an aroma that during colder seasons may appear a bit cloying and stereotyped, perhaps so delicate that it is perceived as too bland for a fully rich and satisfying experience.
Nevertheless, I would like to recommend it to those who, like me, do not want to give up vaping even in summer, perhaps dreaming of being by the pool among the delicate notes of a midsummer night.



Vaporart - Pool Party


A refreshing vape juice, perfect for these hot days. Another great product by Vaporart.

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