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Today, we’re excited to explore a unique offering from Vaporart, a reputable e-liquid manufacturer hailing from Italy. Known for their high-quality, innovative products, Vaporart has consistently delighted vaping enthusiasts, and their latest creation promises to be no exception.

A delightful blend of lemon and tea, this e-liquid brings a refreshing twist that stands out. Let’s delve deeper into the intricate notes and nuances of this new flavor.

First Impressions and Packaging

vaporart's tea cup

Vaporart’s Tea Cup

On first interaction, the e-liquid immediately grabs attention with its striking, vivid scent of lemon. It’s an inviting, fresh, and bold aroma that leaves a strong first impression, hinting at the refreshing vaping experience that awaits. At this stage, the scent of tea isn’t obvious, but the punchy citrusy burst certainly adds an air of anticipation.

The e-liquid comes neatly packaged in a 60ml Gorilla bottle, a well-known choice in the industry for its reliability and ease of use. The package contains 20ml of aroma booster – a unique feature designed to heighten the sensory experience of vaping. This detail shows Vaporart’s thoughtful approach to crafting an enjoyable, personalized vaping journey for users.

Flavor Profile and Vaping Experience

Once you fire up your device and take the first few draws, the nuanced flavors of this e-liquid come alive. The lemon and tea notes come through in a delightful symphony that plays out smoothly on both the inhale and exhale. Each puff imparts a persistently refreshing, cooling sensation, striking a perfect balance that keeps the palate engaged without overwhelming it.

The flavor profile is masterfully balanced – it doesn’t skew towards the overly sweet, nor is it excessively bitter. The cooling effect is expertly calibrated to be pleasant and refreshing without becoming overpowering. The tea flavor is beautifully layered under the bold notes of lemon, creating a blend that works harmoniously to provide an invigorating vaping experience. We confidently give this e-liquid a solid 9 out of 10 in the vapemallow ratings!

A Closer Look at Vaporart

Vaporart is a proud, 100% Italian company that has been carving a space for itself in the vaping sector since 2013. Their dedication to their craft has earned them notable recognition. In 2017, their Super Flavor brand received the “Brand Revelation 2017” award, further testament to their commitment to innovation and quality. Despite the frequent legislative changes and ongoing tax hikes in the electronic smoking field, Vaporart has managed to hold its ground and thrive, growing into the largest e-liquid manufacturer in Italy.

The Evolution of Variety and Quality

Vaporart’s success has been fueled by their constant commitment to research, innovation, and open communication with their customer base. Starting with a single brand and a modest selection of seven liquids in 2013, Vaporart has since evolved to house five diverse brands, offering over 300 unique products by 2022.

The brands Vaporart, Seven Wonder, Super Flavor, Enjoysvapo, and Delixia each represent a unique aspect of Vaporart’s dedication to quality, variety, and innovation.

Unwavering Commitment to High Standards

An integral aspect of Vaporart’s identity is their adherence to stringent quality control measures. Every product they produce is tested and packaged within Italy, ensuring complete oversight and adherence to the highest standards of production. Their products use pharmaceutical-grade purity ingredients, further attesting to Vaporart’s commitment to producing e-liquids of unparalleled quality. Their adherence to the European TPD regulations underlines their dedication to maintain high standards in compliance with safety and quality requirements.

The Final Verdict from vapemallow on Vaporart’s Tea Cup

The vapemallow final word on Vaporart’s new lemon iced tea e-liquid? It’s an impressive, refreshing addition to the vaping landscape that’s sure to delight new and seasoned vapers alike. It showcases Vaporart’s continued dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative e-liquids. The thoughtful blend of flavors and the carefully calibrated balance between sweetness, bitterness, and cooling makes this e-liquid a standout offering worth trying.

Remember, vaping is a personal journey. It’s about exploration and finding what works best for you. So, give this invigorating e-liquid a try, and as always, vape responsibly.

Enjoy the journey, vapemallow community!


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