Vaptio - Cosmo kit review

The Cosmo Kit by Vaptio is a device with an ergonomic design, simple to use, and ideal for those approaching the world of vaping for the first time. It is composed of a Cosmo Tank and a Cosmo Mod.

Vaptio - Cosmo tank

The Cosmo Tank has a liquid capacity of 2ml and an efficient anti-drip system.
An elegantly designed Atom, with a very durable paint finish.
It supports DTL and MTL vaping, thanks to the easily adjustable air flow, with the innovative technology patented by Vaptio, which provides for the simple rotation of the Atom.
Refill operations are also very simple: just remove the upper part of the Atom for a convenient filling of the liquid from above, through the two special holes. Once the recharging operations have been completed, just screw the TopCap again and that’s it!

Another feature in favor of the Cosmo Kit is its extreme ductility: there are several compatible resistances among the top sellers on the market (for example, the BVC Nautilus and the Spryte).
Clearly there are Coils specifically designed for Cosmo Kit and they are the Cosmo Coils, available in two versions: C1 from 1.6 ohm for the MTL – with recommended wattage between 10 and 15W – and C2 from 0.7 ohm for the DTL – with recommended power between 15 and 23W.

Vaptio - Cosmo mod

The Cosmo Mod has an attractive design, with a large fire button at the top, under which there is the arrow-shaped button for adjusting the vape power (H = 30W – M = 20W – L = 10W).
To complete the front side of the Battery, the Micro-USB input for recharging the 1500mAh integrated battery, whose level will be communicated through an RGB indicator (Red = Low Battery – Green = Medium Battery – Blue = High Battery)
Slim and comfortable, with a nice-to-the-touch paint finish. The curve of the back of the Mod adapts perfectly to the fingers, leaving the thumb in the perfect position for vaping.
Thanks to the small size of the entire kit (68.9 x 28.7 x 20.3 mm) it is easily transportable in your pocket.

Cosmo Kit first use

To set up the Kit for first use, the operations are really very simple:
  • Screw the Tank onto the Mod
  • Rotate the TopCap 90 degrees to access the filling slots
  • Fill the Tank with eLiquid
  • Allow the Coil to absorb the eLiquid for 3-5 minutes before starting to vape

Replacement of the coils

  • Unscrew the Atom
  • Remove the Slide
  • Unscrew the Coil
  • Mount the new Coil
  • Reassemble the Slide
  • Reassemble the sections of the Atom

Coil C1 1.6 ohm

The MTL Coils, with the Airflow set to practically minimum (half of hole 1 open) and the power on Low, offers a delicious, slightly warm vape, with an excellent aromatic yield and a fair amount of vapor.
This setting is extremely similar to smoking and this makes it perfect for those who have recently quit smoking.

Coil C2 0.7 ohm

The wide open air flow on both sides offers a surprisingly good vape, with an excellent aromatic yield and impressive vapor production for such a small tank.
In addition, the Coil worked very well on the Low setting, with the Airflow set to minimum.
As for the Vaping above the recommended 23W, with the High level set, no sharp or burning blow was found, with the Airflow completely open.
Both Coils worked very well and it was surprising how little eLiquid was used over the course of a week. After 4 days the Coil cotton still looked quite new. So it can be said that the coils are extremely durable and long lasting.

Battery – Charging Time

The 1500mAh battery is more than enough to last a whole day and longer. During the tests, the Kit was charged just twice and it takes just 25 minutes to get to full charge.


Vaptio - Cosmo kit


The Vaptio Cosmo Kit is a small device that offers an excellent vaping experience, whatever your vaping preferences are.

  • Device completely suitable for new vapers
  • Very resistant coils
  • Reduced eLiquid consumption
  • Small and Ergonomic
  • The 1.6 Coil is useless (since you can vape in MTL as in DTL with 0.7)
  • There is no spare glass in the package
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