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the VAPORESSO LUXE XR stands as the newest addition to VAPORESSO’s lineup, carrying the torch of this company’s admirable legacy in the vaping industry. VAPORESSO has made an impactful name over time, with a steady course of evolution and improvement that indicates the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality.

The LUXE XR is an upgrade to its predecessor, the LUXE X, which had received my positive review some months back. The XR version enhances the LUXE X by replacing the built-in coils with replaceable ones. It also features two slightly different pods (one for MTL and one for DL). The device’s internal battery boasts a power of 1500 mAh, and the pods have an impressively large capacity of 5 mL.

The predecessor LUXE X was a commendable device in its own right. Now, let’s delve into whether the modifications made in the XR version enhance its performance, and whether it can be a superior alternative.

Build Quality and Design of the VAPORESSO LUXE XR

vaporesso luxe xr

vaporesso luxe xr

Size-wise, the LUXE XR sits comfortably between an average MTL pod and a DL setup, effectively bridging the gap between the two. It brings to the table more battery life than a typical MTL pod, and the power needed for the DL coils it uses. Despite its power, the LUXE XR is pleasantly lightweight yet notably durable.

The transparent casing of the LUXE XR is not just appealing to the eye but also robust. The case allows a peek into the internal chip, a feature that tech enthusiasts will find fascinating. Aesthetically, it closely resembles the LUXE X, with minor logo alterations and some fresh color options. The upgraded model is available in seven color options in total, including two from the LUXE X (black and silver) and five brand-new shades.

The color variants predominantly feature a fade from black to transparent, with a small metal ring of the chosen color wrapping around one-third of the body. The latest offerings include a trendy pink and a classic gold, along with three “galaxy” colors: blue, red, and purple. These galaxy variants appear like a star-studded night sky, and I had the pleasure of reviewing the blue galaxy one. The combination of the color, design, and clear case results in an aesthetically striking device.

The device is straightforward to operate, with one button serving both as the power button and the on/off switch. It doesn’t support inhalation activation. The lower front of the device is adorned with three LED lights indicating battery level. In summary, it’s a well-built, great looking, standard stick-style pod system that keeps things simple.

Getting Started with the VAPORESSO LUXE XR

The LUXE XR, as a standard pod system, caters to beginners while also offering enough to satisfy experienced vapers. It operates on a simple premise – “press the fire button five times to switch it on or off”. There are no power adjustments either.

However, the distinctive feature of the LUXE XR that sets it apart from the LUXE X is the introduction of replaceable coils. The XR comes with two unique pods for MTL and DL vaping. The MTL pod has a narrower airflow outlet and a slimmer form. According to the VAPORESSO website, the pods are interchangeable between both devices.

Filling the pod is a breeze. The pod attaches magnetically and can be easily inserted and removed. It stays secure and does not wobble even if the device is shaken. Once the pod is detached, a small black rubber plug at the bottom can be removed to reveal the fill hole.

Despite the pod being fully visible, determining the juice levels can be tricky due to its dark tint – a common issue in devices of this type. Clear pods are generally more user-friendly. Although the dark tint adds to the aesthetic appeal, it does interfere with functionality. When the juice runs low, you’ll need to tilt the device to check the remaining juice at the bottom. However, this minor inconvenience does not overshadow the device’s overall enjoyable usage experience.

Coils are crucial to a device’s overall performance. VAPORESSO’s pod systems have been consistently delivering high-quality coils, and it’s a relief that the LUXE XR uses the same efficient ones as the LUXE X. These are mesh coils using “COREX” technology, claimed to provide 50% more flavor and 50% more coil life. The validity of quantifying flavor is questionable, but the coil life is impressively long. There are two coil options available – a 0.4-ohm coil for DL vaping at around 30 watts, and a 0.8-ohm coil for the MTL pod at around 16 watts.

Personally, I feel that the low-power DL coils fall a bit short, failing to deliver the punch typical of DL vaping. However, it does reasonably well as a compact, portable DL vape for those preferring the 30-watt range. The MTL coil, providing a medium to loose MTL vaping experience, truly excels. With substantially more battery life than a traditional MTL-only pod and impressive portability, it can easily be an all-day vape for most users. The 5 mL capacity significantly trumps the typical 2 mL capacity of most MTL-only pods.

Performance and Battery Life of the VAPORESSO LUXE XR



As previously mentioned, the quality of the coils is pivotal to a device’s performance. The LUXE XR, much like the LUXE X, utilizes efficient mesh coils enhanced by “COREX” technology, promising 50% more flavor and longer coil life. There are two coil options each packaged with its own pod – a 0.4-ohm coil for DL vaping at about 30 watts, and a 0.8-ohm coil for the MTL pod at approximately 16 watts.

The low-power DL coils may not pack enough power for those used to a strong DL experience, but if you’re comfortable vaping in the 30-watt range, it performs adequately as a small, portable DL vape. The device’s performance stands out with the MTL coil, offering a medium to loose MTL vaping experience. This pod offers significantly longer battery life than a conventional MTL-only pod while maintaining high portability. Coupled with a large 5 mL capacity, it can easily become the preferred choice for an all-day vape.

MTL vapers using the XR can expect it to last an entire day without needing a recharge. The internal battery has a power of 1500 mAh, and the charging rate is 1.5A. The Type-C port is situated at the bottom of the device, which means the device needs to lay flat during charging. Although not a major issue, upright charging would have been a preferable feature.

My testing of the device’s ratings yielded a maximum charge rate of 1.18A. The charging time is approximately 61 minutes, which is fairly standard for pod systems. In terms of battery size, it falls slightly under 1200 mAh, which I believe is a bit overestimated. However, considering that most devices are rated about 20% higher than their actual capacity, the discrepancy is not excessive. Despite this, a more accurate rating would have been preferable. The device supports passthrough charging as well.

The LUXE XR shares many similarities with the LUXE X, from which I obtained a slightly higher mAh during my testing. However, as individual batteries don’t perform identically, realistic expectations for this device’s battery life should fall within the 1150-1250 mAh range. This is still two to three times the capacity of a standard MTL-only pod.

The battery level is indicated by three pulsating LED lights:

  • Three lights signify a battery charge level of 60-100%.
  • Two lights indicate a battery charge level of 30-60%.
  • One light shows a battery charge level of 0-30%.

The choice of a three-step battery level indicator is somewhat disappointing, considering that a recent device I reviewed (the GEN AIR 40) had a four-step indicator. While a three-step indicator has become an industry standard, it would have been nice to see this feature retained.

The Final Word

On the whole, VAPORESSO has created another excellent device with the LUXE XR. In essence, it’s the LUXE X with the added benefit of replaceable coils, leading to cost savings and reduced waste over time. Its performance is more or less on par with the LUXE X, but the option of replacing the coil instead of the entire pod when it fails is a definite plus.

The LUXE XR is an optimal choice if you prefer a medium-loose MTL vaping experience and require a device that’s compact yet has a long battery life. It performs decently for low-wattage DL vaping but truly excels as a portable MTL device capable of lasting all day. It’s also a great starting point for those new to vaping, offering simplicity and ease of use.


Vaporesso Luxe XR


  • Great build quality
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Replaceable coils
  • See-through case makes it look awesome
  • Pods are tinted too dark
  • Battery slightly overrated
  • Charge rate slightly overrated (1.19A)

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